Stone Mosaic Benches

Title:  Stone Mosaic Benches

Site:  Elliot Donnelley Youth Center
3947 S. Michigan, Chicago

Artist:  Phil Schuster


Community Participants: Crispus Attucks Elementary School students

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group, Elliot Donnelly Youth Center, and Stateway Gardens

Year:  1996

Scale:  72 x 18 x 20 inches each

Materials:  Concrete, stone, ceramic tile, and glass

Information:  Phil Schuster worked with twelve elementary school students in the creation of two mosaic benches. The benches were installed in a newly created garden park in the south end of the Stateway Gardens housing complex. Students worked collaboratively on the design. They were given an introduction to the historical and contemporary uses of the mosaic technique as well as instructions on tools and patterning. The final design consisted of snakes, plant life with geometric shapes, and African design patterns.