Journeys and Refuge

Title:  Journeys and Refuge

Site:  Waters Elementary School
4540 N. Campbell Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Cynthia Weiss and Phil Schuster

Assistants: Jose Javier

Community Participants: Waters Elementary School students, Chicago Students at the Center Project, and the Parent Project

Sponsors: Chicago Students at the Center and Chicago Public Art Group

Year:  1999

Scale:  Garden Park with bench and paths

Materials:  Concrete and broken ceramic tile

Information:  CPAG artists teamed with the Waters Elementary School community to create this community park with a concrete and mosaic bench surrounded by paving stones. The mosaic’s images relate to stories written by students and parents about journeys in their lives--including childhood memories and immigration stories, as well as images of people, places, and things that provide strength and hope for the future.