Lakeview High School Benches

Title:  Lakeview High School Benches

Site:  Lakeview High School
4015 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Karen Ami, Julia Sowles, and Kristal Pacheco

Community Participants: 20 apprentice artists from Lakeview High School

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group and Gallery 37

Year:  1997

Scale:  Ten - 10 foot long benches

Materials:  Concrete, ceramic relief, and glass tile

Information:  The theme for the benches, “Learning from the Past, Growing in the Present, Connecting in the Future,” emerged after brainstorming with Lakeview students and studying their drawings. Each bench consists of eight panels, and they range in imagery from ancient Mesoamerican symbols to urban scenery. The Campus Park around Lake View High School is the site of numerous other mosaic designs, metal sculptures, benches, and concrete reliefs.