Something Funny in the Park

Title:  Something Funny in the Park

Site:  Seward Park
Division and Orleans, Chicago

Artist:  Carolyn Elaine

Assistants: Kiela Smith

Community Participants: 10 – 13 year old student participants

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group and Near North Town Arts Consortium

Year:  2000

Scale:  Two 40 foot long benches

Materials:  Broken tile

Information:  The imagery came from the students’ ideas of “hanging out in the park”. The students chose not to limit the theme to anything more specific than the outdoor activities that are possible in a community park. Some students drew from personal experiences in Seward Park, while others drew from experiences playing outdoors in their own neighborhoods. The youthful and playful designs have been a welcome and colorful addition to the attractive, traditional architecture of the Seward Park building.