The Continents           

Title:  The Continents           

Site:  Louis Wirth Middle School
4959 S. Blackstone Avenue

Artist:  Mirtes Zwierzynski

Assistants: Turbado Marabou

Community Participants: Fifteen 7th and 8th grade Wirth school students

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group

Year:  1995

Scale:  Three mosaics total 175 square feet

Materials:  Ceramic tile mosaic

Information:  The Continents are a set of three interior mosaic murals inset around water fountains on different floors of Wirth Middle School. Zwierzynski organized the mosaics according to cultural features of six continents. Separately, the three mosaics depict North/South America, Africa/Asia, and Europe/Australia. The project allowed for the integration of art activities with the development of general school curriculum. The exploration of the cultural differences of each place, their fauna and flora, and the various historical and geopolitical aspects, was a part of the curriculum.