Our Past Inspires the Path to Our Future 

Title:  Our Past Inspires the Path to Our Future 

Site:  Earle School
6121 South Hermitage, Chicago

Artist:  Mirtes Zwierzynski

Assistants: Catina Robinson and Temitutu Bennett

Community Participants: Allicia Winters, Alicia Rushing, Divale Roberson, William Cooper, Ashley Massey, Tameka Davis, Kimberly Rushing, Andrew Osifalujo, Anthony Osifalujo, Katherine Cox, Christopher Cooper, Shiela Strong, Patricia Rushing, Candice C. Harris, Mariam Jeanne Thiam, , Adriene Smith, and Rhyan Mcauly

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group

Year:  2000

Scale:  100 square feet

Materials:  Mosaic

Information:  The artists and students decided on totem shaped mosaics to be mounted into the architecture on the front of the school as an interesting alternative and exploration into the shape and structure of the mosaic. The major themes explored by the group included: night and day, crossing the ocean, the importance of family, work for freedom and survival, symbols of perseverance and persistence, longevity, and more modern symbols of schooling, knowledge, and learning.