Creation Myths

Title:  Creation Myths

Site:  Ray William Elementary School
5631 S. Kimbark, Chicago

Artist:  Mirtes Zwierzynski


Community Participants: Ray School 4th, 5th and 6th graders

Sponsors: Ray William Elementary School

Year:  2001

Scale:  75 square feet

Materials:  Broken ceramic tile

Information:  The mural represents the myths that different cultures maintain about the creation of the world. Nine classrooms selected one myth from cultures such as Egypt, Greece, the Eskimos, Mayas, Iceland, the Marshall Island, and others. After learning the myths, the students were asked to draw their own interpretations of the stories that they have heard.  Zwierzynski worked in the classrooms and together with the students and their drawings developed a design for the mosaic. This colorful addition to the school brightens the school’s hallways and celebrates diverse beliefs and cultures.