Transforming Community: A Butterfly’s Journey

Title:  Transforming Community: A Butterfly’s Journey

Site:  South Chicago People’s Park
91st Street and Buffalo Avenue, Chicago

Artist:  Kristal Pacheco


Community Participants: Veronica Adorno, Mary Arroyo, William Booth, Luis Dominquz Jr., Michelle Figuenoa, Gregory Knee, DeKoda Ray, Kamese Ray Serafin Salina, Jahlon Underwood, Angelo Wardell, and Paul Skaro

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group, Claretian Assocation, Moda, and Gallery 37

Year:  2001

Scale: 150 square feet

Materials:  Broken ceramic tile

Information:  A Butterfly’s Journey is on the retaining wall of People’s Park, itself created out of the determination of the community to renew itself. The site was an empty lot of overgrown trees that had become a site for criminal activity. In 1998, the community reclaimed the area and transformed it into a beautiful park area. This collaborative mosaic project focused on the concept of change, using imagery from nature and science. The sun symbolizes a new day. Visitors to the park observe the flight of a newly transformed butterfly. The brief narrative highlights a community’s attempt to better their environment.