Title:  Hands

Site:  Prosser Academy High School
2418 N. Long, Chicago

Artist: Juan Angel Chavez

Assistants: Roberto Villanueva, Jon Winfield Nicholson, Guenevere Nyradek, and Jeremy Barbeur

Community Participants: Felicia Taylor, Andre Sorrel, David Starr, Andre Walker, Francisco Baltazar, Anthony Rivera, Joel Mendez, Carlito Lara, Lauren Embers, Joshua Powell, Anna Lukasiak, Magdalena Janiczek, Lucy Sutor, Dennis Nuñez, Miguel Palencio, Hector Varquez, Lili Cartagenia, Lejuanda Knight, Ella Stakowska, Mike Marzek, Antonio Baltazar, Jaime Barr, and Milani Nono

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group and Gallery 37

Year:  1999

Scale:  378 square feet

Materials: Acrylic on wood and discarded objects donated by vocational shops

Information:  The mural represents the six vocational workshop clusters of the school (transportation, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation construction, business and finance) by showing hands creating and constructing the ideas and imagination of the students. The panels are titled in sign language to represent the hard of hearing and deaf students in the special education department of the school. CPAG artist Juan Chavez designed and painted the mural in collaboration with a selected group of students from commercial art as well as special education classes with hard of hearing students.