Building Harmony

Title:  Building Harmony


Artists: Mirtes Zwierzynski, Montserrat Alsina, and Chris Silva

Assistants: Sergio Roca

Community Participants: 45 apprentice artists

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group and Gallery 37

Year:  2002

Scale:  1280 square feet

Materials:  Acrylic paint on plywood panels

Information:  The project consisted of developing one large painted mural, Harmony, and two smaller murals, Music and Water. Together, Building Harmony expresses the diversity in the city of Chicago through images and designs indicative of the people and cultures that came to the area. Just as the influx of diverse ethnic groups to the area has brought about great changes in the growth and development of the community, so has it led to diverse artistic styles and tastes in the creative expression of artists. In this same tradition, the murals reflect this diversity through changes in artistic styles of the panels drawing from the artistic influences of the past. Along with expressing the communities in Chicago, the participants explored the various art influences and movements.

The first three weeks were dedicated to the exploration of art history and to the fundamentals of art and mural making. Painting began the fouth week and continued until the end of the eight week project. The apprentice artists were involved in the decision making process, encouraged to research images and colors, and participated in the creation of the final composition.