For the People of the Future--Para la Gente del Futúro

Title:  For the People of the Future--Para la Gente del Futúro

Site:  North and Springfield Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Lynn Takata, John Pitman Weber, and José Guerrero

Community Participants: 12 youth artists

Sponsors: Chicago Public Art Group and Youth Service Project

Year:  1980

Scale:  25 x 35 feet

Materials:  Hand-built cement

Information:  This hand-sculpted concrete relief mural, featuring mosaic tiles and large areas of sgraffito, sends a message of hope and peace to future generations. The ancient technique of sgraffito involves layering different colors of cement, one over another. When the top layer is cut through, underneath colors are revealed. The project incorporates shades of black, green, brown, bronze, and tan cement. The theme of human action is represented by a hand with banner. Other designs were inspired by Pre-Columbian art and Eastern European folk art. Nature is represented by the plant and moon-like shapes. The artists created an aesthetic controversy in the neighborhood by deciding to leave the faded commercial sign in the background.