Pullman Playsculpture

Title:  Pullman Playsculpture

Site:  113th Street and Langley Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Olivia Gude and Jon Pounds

Community Participants: 75 neighborhood residents

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and the Pullman Civic Organization

Year:  1985

Scale:  55 feet long train and sandbox surround

Materials:  Redwood and pine

Information:  The Pullman Playground Sculpture was designed and directed by artists (and local residents) Olivia Gude and Jon Pounds. Construction was completed in a community studio with neighborhood volunteers. All of the funds needed for supplies and materials were raised within the community. The playsculpture was designed to foster healthy, active play and provide an area for relaxation and reflection. The playsculpture forms underline the importance of railroading to the community where George Pullman owned a plant that built railroad cars and where workers rights were an early labor organizing issue.