To Think the World

Title:  To Think the World

Site: 1818 E. 71st Street, Chicago

Artists: Mirtes Zwierzynski and Phil Schuster

Assistants: Orisegun Olomidun

Community Participants: 14 youth artists

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, The Neighborhood Institute, and Gallery 37

Year:  1993

Scale:  8 x 5 feet and 7 x 5 feet

Materials:  Broken tile and stone, concrete cement slabs, metal painting, and ceramic

Information:  This arts/business incubator building is enlivened with a variety of visually striking projects created by CPAG artists with local youths. To Think the World consists of two cast concrete archways with ceramic tile, reliefs, and stones. The metal forms reference architectural styles of different parts of the world. One side of each piece was reverse cast-- tiles and other objects were embedded upside down in the wet clay in the bottom of the shaped mold into which the concrete is poured. The other sides were set with mosaic and ceramic design while the concrete was still wet.