New Patterns/Future Visions

Title:  New Patterns/Future Visions

Site:  Senn Park/Unity Garden
1500 W. Thorndale Avenue, Chicago

Artist:  Mirtes Zwierzynski

Assistant: Bela Silva

Community Participants:19 Senn Academy students

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago Park District, Gallery 37, and Senn High School

Year: 1997

Scale:  Pavement- 120 square feet; 2 columns- 11 feet and 9 feet tall

Materials:  Mosaic stone, tiles, and reverse casting cement

Information:  This site consisted of three lots, abandoned and unremarkable except for the weeds. This ceramic mosaic installation--consisting of stone mosaic pavers and two columns--features patterns and images reflecting the student participants’ diverse cultural heritages. The mosaic pavers form the central focus for a circular semi-circular seating berm. The site includes raised-bed gardens maintained by community residents.