DeVry Binary Bronze Sculpture

Title:  DeVry Binary Bronze Sculpture

Site:  DeVry Institute of Technology Campus
3300 N. Campbell, Chicago

Artists:  Jim Brenner and Nicole Beck

Community Participants: 16 apprentice artists

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, DeVry Institute, and Gallery 37

Year:  2000

Scale:  11 x 6 x 6 feet

Materials:  Cast bronze and steel frames

Information:  The DeVry Binary Sculpture project provided the opportunity for a diverse group of youth to create low-relief cast bronzes in a foundry environment. The sculpture was created at the Block 37 site in the center of downtown Chicago as part of a summer youth arts program. The studio and portable foundry permitted the youths to make clay models, create molds, and watch the actual pouring of molten metal.

Apprentice artists explored multiple aspects of our technological world including but not limited to: genetics and cloning, currency, energy, transportation, space travel, architecture, wireless technologies, web systems, cryogenic, nanotechnology, and with sociological historical, scientific and abstract interpretations, creating a wide array of images based on binary code (1’s and 0’s).