Visitation School

Title:  Visitation School

Site:  920 Garfield Boulevard, Chicago

Artist:  Phil Schuster

Assistants: Cara Kuball and Christopher Santiago

Community Participants: Visitation School students

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and GATX Corporation

Year:  2001

Scale:  Four - 44” diameter planters

Materials:  Hand sculpted concrete

Information:  Along the front of Visitation School on Garfield Boulevard a series of sculptures on concrete planters introduces the spiritual mission of Visitation School to passersby. The streetside planters depict biblical stories carved into wet concrete by the artist team. Surrounding the characters from the stories is foliage constructed from leaf forms created by very young students from Visitation.

During the summer, the foliage appliquéd onto the planters mimics the foliage spilling out of them. During the gray days of winter, the polychrome sculptures add a visual interest. The figures surrounding each planter are approximately the scale of children, an interesting means of making the biblical stories relevant to the very small children who walk by.