Sculpture Portfolios
1976-Roots and Wings

1980-For the People
of the Future

1981-Circulo Vivo/Living  Circle

1990-Jackson Language Academy Playsculptures

1993-ToThink the World

1996-Donnelley Center Community Art Garden

1996-ABC Youth Center Sculpture Garden
1997-Pulaski Community Garden

1997-From Many Paths
We Come

1997-New Patterns,
Future Visions

1998-Water Marks,
Turning Bench
1998-Water Marks,
Silurian Seat

1998-Water Marks,
Lock Bench

1998-Water Marks,
Water Bench

1998-Storytelling Throne
1999-Memorial Wall

2000-DeVry Binary
Bronze Sculpture

2001-Visitation School Garden

2001-Visitation School Planters
2001-Austin Community Sculpture Garden

2002-The Griot’s Throne

2004–Margate Park Playground