Mosaic 1980–1998 Portfolios
1980–Fabric of Our Lives

1988–Pyramids of Power

1992–Houseposts of Two Artist Row

1994–Pedagogy of Apples and Oranges
1994–Song of Enlightenment

1994–Lowell Centennial Mosaic

1995–Eye Hand Collaboration

1995–Sunrise of Enlightenment
1996–Shapeshifting Ideas

1998–Water Marks,
Lock Bench

1998–Water Marks,      Water Bench

1998–Water Marks,
Silurian Seat
1998–What Do You
Need to Know?

1998–Peace by Piece

1998–Jensen Academy Mosaic

1998–Rhyme of the
Ancient Child
1998–Water Marks,
Turning Bench