Road to Wisdom

Title:  Road to Wisdom

Site:  Harper High School
6520 S. Wood Street, Chicago

Artists:  : Mirtes Zwierzynski and Orisegon Olomidun

Assisting Artists: Carolyn Elaine

Community Participants: Harper High School students and teachers

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and GATX Corporation

Year:  1999

Scale:  12 x 10 feet

Materials:  Ceramic tile mosaic

Information:  Road to Wisdom, created with students from Harper art classes, features some very innovative tilework. The mosaics form the backdrop to a community art garden, an ongoing partnership of Harper High School and the GATX Corporation. This mosaic focuses on the importance of education, personal achievements, and the potential for bright futures. Artists collaborated with students, brainstorming ideas, developing themes, and generating drawings. “Passages” became the central theme agreed upon by the art team. Integrating the students’ drawings into the final design, the team created a colorful mosaic intended to energize and inspire all passersby.