Remembered Gates New Song

Title:  Remembered Gates New Song

Site:  Beth-Anne Life Center
1140 N. Lamon Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Nina Smoot Cain and John Pitman Weber

Assisting Artists: Tracy Van Duinen and Janet Gould

Community Participants: Kenyetta Barfield, Anthony Belton, Michael Dixon, Queen Candace Johnson, Joanne Jones, Kevin Jones, Randy Lewis, Ebonee McElroy, Natasha McElroy, Jana Ord, Juanity Reynolds, Randy Stonewall, Brandy Whooper, Asha Williams, and Leandre Williams

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, Bethel New Life, and Gallery 37

Year:  1999

Scale:  150 square feet

Materials:  Ceramic tile mosaic

Information:  Cain and Weber returned to the Beth-Anne Life Center in the summer of 1999 to create Remembered Gates New Song, ceramic mosaics for the center’s historic entry posts at the corner of Lamon Avenue and Thomas Street.

Each side of each pillar is a theme/composition in and of itself, but each also interacts with its immediate neighbors to the left and the right, as well as with the parallel sides on the other pillar. A curving rhythmic band of triangular shapes in earthy tones ties together all of the sides. The band is based on West African wall painting and colors. Similar triangular patterns are found on the carved ceremonial sculpture of some West African peoples. Patterns based on Congolese cloth, especially Kuba designs, are used on some sides of the pillars.