Children’s Place Mosaic

Title:  Children’s Place Mosaic

Site:  Children’s Place Association
1800 N. Humboldt Boulevard, Chicago

Artists:  Juan Angel Chávez and Chris Silva

Assistant: Harjit Sing

Community Participants: Children’s Place youth and volunteers

Sponsors:  Helen Melchor and the Children’s Place Association

Year:  1999

Scale:  300 square feet

Materials:  Broken ceramic tile

Information:  The artists were asked to design an environment to delight the children and families who use the services of The Children’s Place. The design consists of whimsical animals living in a fantasy world. The animals are composed of different species to create this imaginary world. The landscape is a large slug-bear-seal who allows all the animals to live in his body. The creatures are combinations of animals and objects, animals and animals, children in animal costumes, and animals.

The design and tile work in this project are very inventive and have influenced other artists to expand their palette to include eccentric tiles and the irregular use of those tiles.