Life is Beautiful

Title:  Life is Beautiful

Site:  Mosaic Living Center
7464 North Sheridan, Chicago

Artists:  Tracy Van Duinen and John Pitman Weber

Assisting Artists: Moses Ball and Catina Robinson

Community Participants: Mosaic Living Center residents

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and Mosaic Living Center

Year:  2003

Scale:  500 square feet

Materials:  Broken tile, glass, mirror, metal, and ceramic shards

Information:  This mosaic bricolage introduced a new technique of mosaic to the Chicago area. The bricolage technique allows for the inclusion of disparate materials (handmade ceramic tiles, glass tiles, mirrors, metal, and broken pieces of pottery or figurines) into the project. The technique makes mosaic as public art more accessible to the community and increases the number of people who can participate despite physical or mental impairments. The team of artists created a design to be carried out and installed along a concrete ramp leading to the front entrance of the center. As the work progressed, clients, staff and families, and area residents walked up to get instructions and laid their own section of the mosaic.