Title:  Razem

Site:  4040 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago

Artist:  Caryl Yasko

Assisting Artists: Celia Radek, Lucyna Radycki, Justine DeVan, Jon Kokot

Community Participants: Community volunteers

Sponsors:  Chicago Mural Group and Polish American Congress

Year:  1975

Scale:  14 x 80 feet


Information:  From the original final report
Every nation has its own symbols, its own style. We have tried to represent the living spirit, the living Heritage of Poland that survives here in America. We congratulate the Polish American community for actively participating in this work of public art and for creating a mural that is not only for all Polonia, but for all Chicago. We hope this mural will not signify the end, but a beginning of visual communication. Art should not only be a means to decorate this city, but a tool for community expression.