The Builders

Title:  The Builders

Site:  2840 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago (no longer extant)

Artists:  John Pitman Weber and Celia Radek

Sponsors:  Chicago Mural Group and A to Z Equipment Company

Year:  1975

Scale:  8 x 60 feet


Information:  Painting over an unsalvageable mural by Barry Bruner on the exterior wall of A to Z Equipment Company, Weber and Radek kept with Bruner’s original theme and conveyed the power and strength of the construction industry in an open, almost graphic format. The artists responded to community concerns and included women workers in the mural. They used three different scales for the figures in order to give the feeling of height and distance. The uncomplicated composition along with the large sturdy elements projects a feeling of strength upon its passersby. The artists note that their work is a tribute to the cubist painter Fernand Leger who influenced their design.