A Time to Unite

Title:  A Time to Unite

Site:  41st Street and Drexel Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Mitchell Caton, Calvin Jones, and Justine DeVan

Sponsors:  Chicago Mural Group

Year:  1976, restored 2003

Scale:  40 feet long

Materials:  Original oil paint on concrete, restoration acrylic paint on concrete

Information:  This dramatic, now restored, mural in the Oakland area was a call for renewed racial solidarity during the bicentennial year, indicated by a clock. The work blends African styles and motifs with such painterly images as blues musicians, tribal drummers, and neighborhood residents to portray the historic unity of family, community, cultural heritage, and nation in the African American tradition. This mural was the first of many significant works created by the collaborations of Caton and Jones. Bernard Williams restored Time to Unite is 2003 with the consultation of Calvin Jones.