Black Women Emerging

Title:  Black Women Emerging

Site:  4120 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago

Artist:  Justine DeVan

Community Participants: Midas Wilson, James Harrel, and Larry Simms and other local residents

Sponsors:  Chicago Mural Group

Year:  1977, restored 2001

Scale:  754 square feet

Materials:  Acrylic paint on concrete

Information:  Created with the help of local residents by an artist seen as one of the mothers of the mural movement, the piece begins with images of an African dancer adorned with cultural emblems and a group of women (one bearing a rifle) rallying around a liberation flag. This mural calls on women to summon their ancestral strength in the struggle to gain access to all vocations, symbolized by a diploma, a caduceus, and scales of justice. Within a key representing domestic servitude, a woman breaks her broom, liberating herself from menial work in order to pursue higher goals.