Arts for All

Title:  Arts for All

Site:  6900 block of N. Glenwood Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Casper, Dzine, Olivia Gude, Janet Jaffkee, Turbado Marabou, Brian C. Morris, Greg Penrice, Tim Portlock, Jon Pounds, Jesus Rodriguez, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Chris Silva, Solo, Dorian Sylvain, and Bernard Williams

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and Lifeline Theater

Year:  1993

Scale:  8 ft. x 350 ft.

Materials:  Spray paint and acrylic on concrete

Information:  This groundbreaking piece, the result of a CPAG-initiated Spray Mural Workshop coordinated by Gude and Dzine, provided muralists and graffiti artists the unique opportunity to learn about each other’s techniques and styles. The spray and brush artists formed pairs to collaborate on sections of the 350-foot-long wall. The entire block-long mural was completed in a mere two days! The artists formed teams of two or three, each team was given 50 feet of wall and the shared theme. Airless sprayers and spray cans were used alone and in combination with stencils and brushed paint. Arts for All was the kickoff to a series of unique NEA-sponsored spray-mural explorations in 1993.