Fishing at Hogarth's Head Bay

Title:  Fishing at Hogarth's Head Bay

Site:  1108 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

Artists:  Tim Portlock and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

Community Participants:  Youth Artists- Andre Koyama, Jesus Koyama, Yekeen Adagbada, Biola Adagbada, Oluwaseyi Sarumi, Moullid Mohammed, Jamie Parks, Christian Noriega, Dushawn Jones, Chrisa Childs, and Shaundel Owens

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and Prologue Alternative High School

Year:  1995

Scale:  1000 square feet

Materials:  Acrylic paint on concrete

Information:  This aesthetically challenging mural reflects the heterogeneity of the artist team--students from Prologue Alternative High School--and of the polyglot Uptown community itself. Eschewing a singular narrative for a style foregrounding experimental collaboration, the team drew from a variety of artistic and literary sources--comics, collage, classical painting, WPA murals, graffiti, and William Carlos Williams’s poem cycle Paterson--to present a complex vision of the neighborhood indeed, of America. This mural explores the notion of “community” and the role that public art can play in defining various communities within a diverse urban neighborhood.