New Life, New Love

Title:  New Life, New Love

Site:  Bethel New Life
1140 N. Lamon, Chicago

Artist:  C. Siddha Sila

Assistant:  Bryant Jones

Community Participants:  Shakira Allen, Antonio Campbell, Darraz Gaston, Talonda Henderson, Marcus Prothro, Lemonica Robinson, Jimmie Simmons, Ebony Sullivan, Lashunda Williams

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, Bethel New Life, and Gallery 37

Year:  1996

Scale:  15 x 50 feet

Materials:  Acrylic on brick

Information:  The mural on the side of the Molade child care center faces the children’s playground. It illustrates the children and grandparents together as a family doing fun, loving, caring activities as a unit. The young people are engaged in learning through play, classroom activities, and from the elders. The angels in the middle represent the title, New Life, New Love. The love shown by the elders to children represents their “new life” through the “new love” they express to the children. The purple background color expresses a spiritual feeling of inner desire to move outward from purple to purple but still shades of the one feeling. The angels in the middle area are white and gold. These children are painted in bright colors and in pastels; this indicates their energy of life and their need to be looked at and treated softly.