Su Casa

Title:  Su Casa

Site:  SuCasa Catholic Worker House
5045 S. Laklin, Chicago

Artist:  Mirtes Zwierzynski and Kiela Smith

Community Participants:  Over 30 SuCasa staff, residents, and volunteers

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group and SuCasa Catholic Worker House

Year:  1997

Scale:  240 square feet

Materials:  Acrylic paint collaged paper on fabric banners

Information:  The impetus for this project developed from the vision of Brother Denis at SuCasa. He believes strongly in utilizing art as a means of humanizing and enlivening spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The project lasted approximately two months. The mural reflects images related to the history and philosophy of SuCasa’s mission. The six central painted sections within the mural represent different expressions of the personal history of the guests and staff of SuCasa. Also some collaged portraits were included for remembrance of people who struggled for peace and social justice in the world. Hope was symbolized by using the silhouette of a little girl releasing a bird, symbol of peace. An additional design element that worked quite well was collaging thin strips of paper with the names of current and former staff, guests, and volunteers at SuCasa. This serves merely as a patterning element from distant view, but upon close inspection the viewer can read the names of all those who have touched SuCasa.