Tell Me What You See

Title:  Tell Me What You See

Site:  2500 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Artist:  Joshua Sarantitis

Assistant:  Jose Vasquez

Community Participants:  Gallery 37 teens

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Gallery 37

Year:  1997

Scale:  8 x 475 feet

Materials:  Acrylic on concrete with wood panel extensions

Information:  Sarantitis and Gallery 37 teens covered this 450-foot-long CTA retaining fence along the Discount Mega Mall parking lot with images and texts about their lives. The huge portraits are digitalized images of the youth participants. Alongside their computer portraits, teen artists created expressionistic, symbolic portraits of their inner selves. Running the length of the innovatively designed work is a poem, written by one of the youths, painted in 4-foot-high letters: “Look around you/Tell me what you see!/Do you see the earth’s true beauty?/All I see is humanity/When I walk around/All I see is people crying/And little kids dying/Why can’t we have unity?” The word “unity” closes the mural in “wildstyle” lettering.