I've Got a Feeling About the Whirl'd

Title:  I've Got a Feeling About the Whirl'd

Site:  1372 N. Milwaukee Avenue (no longer extant), Chicago

Artist:  Joe Matunis

Assistants: Chris Silva

Community Participants: 
Chris Gavin, Ursula Humienk, Sylvester klosowicz, Kieta Powell, Tyrone Rodriquez, Jeremy Shirley, Jessica Smith, Miguel Villagomez, Sophia White, Roberto Zamora, and Alex Perez

Sponsors:  Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and Gallery 37

Year:  1997

Scale:  16 x 150 feet

Materials:  Acrylic paint on concrete wall

Information:  Matunis and Silva led a team of Gallery 37 youths in painting this 150-foot-long mural on a retaining wall for the Chicago Transit Authority elevated rail tracks with symbolic figures representing virtues (patience, wisdom, pride, charity, love) and vices (sloth, greed, duplicity, vanity, anger)-- a gigantic Patience, an hourglass figure with a numberless clock, bides her time on the wall. A portion of the mural is done in spraypaint, homage to the wall’s previous life as a CTA permission and non-permission graffiti site.