Community Engagement Portfolios
1995-Mifflin Cooperative Mural

1988-I Welcome Myself
to a New Place

1993-Echoes of the

1993-Voices of Silence
1995-Its Not Just a
Black and White Issue

1997-From Many Paths
We Come

1998-Water Marks,
Silurian Seat

1998-Water Marks,
Water Bench
1998-Water Marks,
Turning Bench

1998-Water Marks,
Lock Bench

1999-Its Merits
Recommend It

1999-Journeys and
2000-You Belong Here!

2000-The Gathering

2001-Austin Community Sculpture Garden

2002-Hopes and Dreams
2004-Bethel New Life Community Site

2004-Cannas & Corn